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Ohio having intercity daytime passenger rail services.



All Aboard Ohio Exists to Advocate for the establishment, Improvement and maintenance of a robust transportation system focusing on passenger rail.

Chief Strategy

AAO will bring together stakeholders and influential coalitions to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that presents itself via the Corridor ID program funding.  AAO will act as a liaison in assisting the coalition achieve the vision by uniting leadership to navigate the Corridor ID program.

AAO Mission Statement

The Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers (OARP) supports the innovative design and development of a robust transportation system that provides diverse transit options to all Ohioans.  OARP believes that a robust transportation system is critically important to the residents of Ohio because transportation is an essential community infrastructure.  


OARP exists to:


  • Advocate for the establishment, improvement, and maintenance of a transportation system that:

    • serves all Ohio residents, including low- and moderate-income residents with limited access to personal transportation, business travelers, and tourists,

    • helps low- and moderate-income residents access employment opportunities,

    • revitalizes and stabilizes underserved and/or distressed nonmetropolitan middle-income geographies,

    • connects Ohio’s communities, residents, and businesses.

  • Focus public awareness on the need to improve efficient intercity passenger rail and local public transit in Ohio.

  • Support objective, nonpartisan research and provide the results of that research to civic, public sector, and private sector leaders.

  • Educate the public about the use, benefits, and investments required to improve safe and efficient passenger ground transportation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement


"All Aboard Ohio recognizes access to safe and equitable transportation as a fundamental civil right.

Transportation systems can unite or divide communities. Infrastructure decisions in the mid-twentieth century, known to be rooted in prejudice, continue to inform too many transportation planning and funding decisions today. 

AAO advocates for safe, affordable, and efficient transportation policies that address structural injustices of disparate access to economic opportunities, housing, and services. We commit to building a diverse coalition of Ohioans, working together for sustainable and equitable transportation that we can be proud of for generations to come.”

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