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All Aboard Ohio has traveled far in 49 years since its founding as the Ohio Association of Rail Passengers. We’ve consistently stood for more and better passenger rail and public transit through good times and bad. Some of you have been there since the start. Some of you are new and are the future of AAO.

So, here’s a sample of what we’ve accomplished:

  • Advocated successfully to get the route and stations for the Lake Shore Limited established by Amtrak in 1975-80.

  • Established 501c-3 early in the organization’s history.

  • Advocated successfully to establish the Ohio Rail Develop Commission and its specific mission to re-establish passenger rail in Ohio’s 3C&D Corridor. We also saved ORDC from being eliminated several times.

  • Renovation of Sandusky and Elyria stations as well as improvements to platforms at Toledo Union Station.

  • Worked with allies at Clevelanders for Public Transit to get Greater Cleveland RTA to stop delaying replacement of its rail fleet and more involved in transit-oriented development around its rail stations.

  • Helped get Greyhound bus service moved to Amtrak stations at Sandusky and Toledo Cardinal and for future service between Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago.

  • AAO Board adopted statements supporting transportation development equity, diversity and anti-harassment.

  • Mailed newsletter for over 40 years to inform the membership and public at large. 

  • Ongoing advocacy with mayor's, state legislators, governors, and federal officials, representatives and agencies.

  • Successfully advocated for Cleveland to plan for multi-modal transportation center on the Lakefront.

  • Advocated and continue to support plans by City of Oxford to build a station stop on the route of Amtrak’s 

Amtrak Service Expansion (a work in progress):

  • Succeeded in getting unanimous letters of support for Amtrak Expansion from every station stop city on both current and future routes like the 3C&D Corridor.

  • Succeeded in getting support from metropolitan planning agencies, port authorities and other civic organizations for the revival of the 3C&D Corridor.

  • Succeed in getting editorial endorsement of the Amtrak expansion from several Ohio newspapers and other media outlets.

  • Succeeded in getting resolution of support for Amtrak expansion plan introduced in the Ohio General Assembly.

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