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The organization is ushering in a new era in passenger rail and public transit advocacy with an updated look.


Columbus, OH – All Aboard Ohio announced today the rebrand of the organization, which includes the launch of a new website and the addition of a new mission statement.

The new logo, which features the silhouette of a high-speed rail, symbolizes that the organization is looking to the future when it advocates for public transit options within the state of Ohio. Also added to the new logo is a tagline with a nod to the integral part the state plays in transportation within the Midwest. The color pallet... (more)

Why Did Cleveland’s RTA Shut Down Its Entire Rapid Rail System?
All Aboard Ohio Asks: Is this willful neglect?

(Cleveland, Ohio) January 17, 2022 – Cleveland’s first snowstorm of 2022 brought something more troubling than just snow. The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority shut down the “Rapid”, its rail-based transit service, even while snow-clogged streets forced the suspension of bus service.

All Aboard Ohio must ask: What about the regular riders who depend on the Rapid to connect with jobs, health care and school? What about those riders who use the buses and were left without the option of rail service? What happened from Sunday into Monday of this week damages the credibility of the authority and undermines the idea that GCRTA services are reliable. (more)

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