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Legislative Update

July 19, 2023

Congress is now considering a Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) bill that would drastically cut critical funding for both Amtrak and passenger rail plans for states like Ohio.

Passenger rail, especially the proposed 3 C&D corridor, would connect Ohio's businesses and communities, provide more opportunities for all Ohioans to travel and find work, create jobs, and foster economic growth. 


All Aboard Ohio's Response:


All Aboard Ohio is one of the signatories to a letter the RPA sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee, and we also had a hand in writing it. We also drafted a testimony asking the Senate to reject the House proposal and fully fund Amtrak's budget request. Click the links below to view the documents in full.

How You Can Take Action:

  • Look up your representative on the helpful guide on our website,

  • Call them and let them know that these cuts are not good for Ohio, 

  • Be polite, and concise but firm, and share your passion for passenger rail.

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