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The 3C & D Corridor


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NEW 3C&D Corridor Service:

Thrice-daily round trips, Cleveland—Columbus— Dayton—Cincinnati, with intermediate stops*


NEW Corridor Service for Cleveland:

Thrice-daily round trips, Cleveland—Toledo— Detroit— Pontiac, including possible Wolverine Service train extension; a daily round trip, Cleveland—Buffalo— Albany—New York; and a daily round trip, Cleveland— Pittsburgh—New York, all with intermediate stops*


NEW Cincinnati—Chicago Corridor Service:

Four-times-daily round trips, Cincinnati— Indianapolis— Chicago, with intermediate stops*


* Frequency information excludes any long-distance / non-state-supported trains. Some trains may be double-counted.

For more information on Amtrak's plans for the 3C & D corridor, click here for the PDF on the AmtrakConnectsUS website. 

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