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It’s been a whirlwind 2022 for All Aboard Ohio, with Amtrak expansion in Ohio taking up the majority of our focus. We have been hard at work, meeting with elected officials, communicating with Amtrak leadership, and advocating for better, accessible, and expanded public transit options for all Ohioans.

This year has also marked significant growth for us, as an organization, as well.

  • We began 2022 with a complete rebranding, including a new logo and the soft launch of our new website.

  • In March we finalized our new website and added a Call to Action that has resulted in nearly 600 signatures to date!

  • In May, we sponsored and hosted a table at Toledo Train Day, which gave us the opportunity to share our message and work with thousands of attendees.

  • July brought our first in-person annual meeting since 2019, and thanks to the technological skills we picked up during the last two years, we were able to offer an option for attendees to join the meeting via zoom, resulting in double the number of attendees of any annual meeting prior!

  • Our monthly E-newsletter was launched in August, allowing us even more opportunities to engage with our members and to share the challenges and progress of this Amtrak expansion marathon.

  • More growth came in September with the (re)establishment of a chapter in Cincinnati.

  • And rounding out the year, in November we moved to a new, more secure online payment system that includes even more options, AND held our first ever Giving Tuesday “Ticket to Ride” campaign, where we more than tripled our original fundraising goal of $2,500.

We are already ramping up the pressure on Governor DeWine to take the steps necessary to support the expansion of Amtrak in Ohio, backed by many bipartisan organizations, mayors from both parties at the local and state level, and the state’s largest regional transportation planning agencies.

Before the calendars change over to 2023, we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the progress we have made and to thank you, our valued members, for your continued support. None of this would be possible without you, and we appreciate that you see the value of continuing to invest in the work of All Aboard Ohio. And as you move among your own circle of friends, please encourage them to support the fight for more and better passenger rail in Ohio by joining us at

Cheers to a new year and to seeing our vision for passenger rail in our state come true!

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