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Why not rail?

From the Toledo Blade, Published September 18, 2022

I continue to read daily about the Toledo airport and lack of progress in gaining new airlines.

Also, the relentless pursuit of electric vehicles in spite of the many shortcomings, including lack of recharging facilities.

However, I never see or read one article about trains.

When comparing America and its transportation system to the rest of the world, we are an embarrassment.

Trains are by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to transport large numbers of people. I believe this is a fact. China, Europe, and Japan all have high-speed, efficient rail systems. Why doesn’t America?

We continue to see ongoing road construction in and around Toledo, and one has to scratch their head and wonder how we pay for all this work. Can’t some of these funds be used to build an efficient train system?

Compare the cost of transporting several hundred people on a plane, the fuel, the pollution, the land used of airport, add security and you have a bundle of money that could be used in a far better way.

Japan introduced the first high speed rail system in 1964. The system has an impeccable safety record.

Currently the train system carries 1 million passengers every day at speeds up to 200 mph.

Compare this to America! I fail to understand why an industrial might like America cannot duplicate what other countries have accomplished.

How many reading this would like to board a clean, safe train with sufficient room to move around store your baggage in a relaxed manner?

With all the green folks out, we should be able to make this a reality.


West Toledo

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