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The Dirty F-Word

Don’t deny it. Everyone knows what I am talking about. We avoid it with family, friends, and colleagues. We speak about it in “hush tones” in polite conversation. But, many of us, can’t avoid its use. So, I will let it fly, “Fundraising!”

Like many of you who have spent years or even decades doing nonprofit work, it is an ongoing short and long-term struggle for most nonprofit organizations. Add in the usual culprits like wages and benefits not keeping pace with inflation, the current pandemic economy, supply chain issues, rising grocery bills, utilities, housing, and many other costs like out-of-pocket medical bills, prescriptions, fixed incomes and nonprofits of all kinds have felt the effects as consumers cut back and penny-pinch. Many news sources have reported repeatedly in these types of economic times about the decline in charitable giving.

Those of us involved with All Aboard Ohio know this pain all too well. I have been on the AAO board since 2012 and this is and has been one of our biggest fiscal challenges. I remember in my 10 years on a local watershed board we had similar challenges. Limited membership and related dues, no corporate sponsors, and regular expenses. The salvation for our watershed board was some major grants and shared grants with groups with similar mission statements.