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As Board Chair Erin Rosiello steps down, we reflect on her groundbreaking term.

It is ten o'clock on a Thursday morning, and Erin Rosiello is holding a virtual press conference. All Aboard Ohio has just announced a milestone that they have been working towards for decades. What follows is a media frenzy where Erin spends the next two months being interviewed by various media professionals from around the state.


Erin doesn't take a single minute to reflect on this momentous occasion. Instead, she sets off for AAO's first-ever statewide Whistle Stop Tour. She presents in front of elected officials, business leaders, and community leaders with ease, despite how nerve-wracking it might be. Erin leads the conversation and takes charge, just as she has done in leading AAO during our most transformational year yet.


Erin is not just a leader, but also a team player who is willing to jump in wherever she is needed. She has served as secretary, treasurer, and marketing personnel, among other roles. Perhaps this is why she was able to move mountains when she finally accepted the role as board chair. Over the last year, Erin's accomplishments include:

  • Recruiting a talented and diverse working board,

  • Created board committees for the first time in recent history,

  • Integration of online accounting, bank, and website (reducing the potential for errors),

  • Contracted with non-profit consultants that are guiding the board through its first professional strategic plan for 2024,

  • Created and executed a first-ever series of statewide educational events that have brought awareness and support to new audiences through media exposure.

  • Secured pro-bono attorneys to assist us with contracts, employees and more,

  • Oversaw an educational first board retreat that resulted in a board member matrix and succession plan providing AAO clarity on board members and board responsibility,

  • Increased our Money Market savings account by 700%!

  • Increased income to cover costs per month with a positive surplus,

  • Created a statewide coalition of MPOs, elected officials, and community leaders that meets quarterly in Columbus - with more than 50 attendees from across the state,

  • Created a steering committee for the coalition to guide the group that will coordinate and facilitate coalition messaging, letters of support, education and plans,

  • Received a $37,500 matching grant from Devou Good Foundation - the largest grant ever received by AAO,

  • Received a $55,000 one-time donation from a former AAO supporter - the largest AAO donation ever!

  • Created and implemented a four-month fundraising strategy bringing in over $17,400 in donations and memberships from October through January 31, 2024.


The list of achievements is truly impressive, and it's worth noting that they were all accomplished within the span of a single year. As Erin takes a step back to focus on her personal and family life, we would like to extend our sincerest wishes for her success and express our deep appreciation for the exceptional leadership she provided during this critical year in the history of AAO. Her unwavering determination, unflagging dedication, infectious motivation, inspiring mentorship, and passionate advocacy have all played a pivotal role in transforming the organization and positioning it for a bright and dynamic future.

Click through the photos below to see Erin in action!

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