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A Farewell from The Chairperson

I have been proud to serve on the Board of Directors of All Aboard Ohio since 2012. Prior to that, I just completed two terms as the first female township trustee in Hardin County. As a township trustee I participated in every training, workshop, and economic development and zoning meeting possible. I learned from Stu Nicholson, then with the ORDC and the 3C Corridor initiative that I was probably one of the only trustees in the state to attend the many local and regional passenger rail support meetings in my region of Ohio they were supporting.

Fast forward to January 2023. I have served as Vice Chair and am now ending my term as Chairperson. I was asked by the board to stay on briefly into 2023 to assist the new officers as they became oriented to their new positions. I have tried to put the strength and needs of the board first and foremost in all I did as well as ensuring the AAO advocacy effort is ongoing and meeting all of the new challenges of our ever-changing state and social media campaigns.

The last years have had many challenges. Like so many groups, we’ve been impacted by the pandemic's effects on our annual meetings. No meeting in 2020. A zoom annual meeting in 2021 and all of the new challenges and technical issues involved with that effort. Then, in 2022, an in person annual meeting while still respecting pandemic concerns and attendees’ health, safety, and wellbeing.