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Mission Statement

The Ohio Association of Railroad Passengers (OARP) supports the innovative design and development of a robust transportation system that provides diverse transit options to all Ohioans.  OARP believes that a robust transportation system is critically important to the residents of Ohio because transportation is an essential community infrastructure.  


OARP exists to:


  • Advocate for the establishment, improvement, and maintenance of a transportation system that:

    • serves all Ohio residents, including low- and moderate-income residents with limited access to personal transportation, business travelers, and tourists,

    • helps low- and moderate-income residents access employment opportunities,

    • revitalizes and stabilizes underserved and/or distressed nonmetropolitan middle-income geographies,

    • connects Ohio’s communities, residents, and businesses.

  • Focus public awareness on the need to improve efficient intercity passenger rail and local public transit in Ohio.

  • Support objective, nonpartisan research and provide the results of that research to civic, public sector, and private sector leaders.

  • Educate the public about the use, benefits, and investments required to improve safe and efficient passenger ground transportation.

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