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Amtrak may have passenger lines that run during the day.

It’s thanks to four grants from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA ).

A proposed line, call the 3C+D Project, would run from Cincinnati to Dayton to Columbus and Cleveland.

The FRA awarded $500,000 to plan four different corridors in Ohio, including the 3C+D project.

"What we're looking at now is travel in between cities in our state, which has significant impact for this state,” said All Aboard Ohio Chairperson Erin Rosiello.

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Mitch Radakovich's car is older than he is.

But that doesn't faze the 24-year-old Cincinnati native, who travels by foot and bus between his home in Over-the-Rhine, his office downtown and wherever else he wants to go in Greater Cincinnati.

"I really only live a 'car-lite' life," Radakovich said. "To go completely car-free is really exciting to me."

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A study by rail advocacy group All Aboard Ohio estimates a line connecting Cincinnati to Cleveland by way of Dayton and Columbus could generate more than $100 million in impact.

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